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Australia has an exclusive position in international trading markets thanks for Australian ‘s trusted high quality products. Being one of the top leading economy and one of the highest ranking countries in the best living condition in the world, Australia has been developing many prospective industries and being most reliable supplier to many blooming markets like Asia Pacific, US, EU,….

In 2008, VIIP GROUP’s original business is manufacturing petrochemical products with huge experiences in lubricant additives ( viscosity index improver polymers – VIIP ). These VIIPs help lubricants improver the viscosity index and shear stability index. We are supplying all kinds of VIIPs from Olefin Copolymer to Styrene Polymer to many markets over the world included Asia ( China, Singapore, Thai Lan, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh,… ), Africa ( Nigeria,..), America ( Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, US,..), Europe ( Russia, Spain, France, …).

VIIP LUBRICANT has currently established wide distributors in Spain, Asia, Nigeria, US where would support to serve clients better and to master in each regional customer’s demands.

In 2013, AVIIP GROUP’s sales representative office cooperated with one of the biggest scrap metal factories in Asia. Our factory’s capacity has been reaching 30,000 sqm per month of HMS 1-2, Shredder & PNS. Besides of our own factory, we also have loyal relationship with many big steel factories which help us reaching huge sales demand volume. More than that, our head office in Queensland Australia drives us big advantages to contact many big SCRAP METAL YARDS from big traders then becoming reliable bridge where supply meets demands properly.

In 2017 - 2019, AVIIP FERTILIZER brand was launched under our big mile stone cooperation between AVIIP GROUP with one big fertilizer factory in VN. Organic Fertilizer plays important role in agricultural industry in every countries, specially in agricultural – cultivating countries. Accompany with those countries, Australia agriculture industry is not only a high valuable economy proposition but also plays an essential role in developing society and people’s life. Aussie agricultural products out-stand top of the world by “ green products and green production” under government strict management law. AVIIP GROUP is so proud to supply such of good accredited agricultural products included organic fertilizer, grains ( FABA BEAN ), Animal Feeding Meal,… .

  • About animal feeding meal, we are sole distributor of over 100 year history animal feeding meal factory in Queensland for many kinds of meals : beef & chicken meat bone meal, blood meal, feather meal and tallow,…
  • About FABA Bean, this is also one kind of fishery feeding meals supplying high protein and nutrition. We have huge demands of FABA BEAN ( Broad Bean Grade II ) and currently buying from North Center Victoria, New South Wale,…

Recently, we are going to sign sales presentative contract with over 50 year factory in ice cream industry to distribute many famous brands in powdered desert bases ( soft serve, frozen yogurt, beverage ). Food Additive is also very potential industry and we are so proud to sign this contract to develop this good brands into many high population countries like China, Asian countries,…

From 2019, AVIIP GROUP invests in residential building projects in Gold Coast Queensland and steps by steps into real estate field. Therefore as an prestigious group along with development strategy & relationship in many industries even international business investors, AVIIP GROUP brings mission to help international investors search for the most profitable & effective projects to meet requirements of Australia Investment Department.

If there is any queries or business discussion, please kindly contact us as following information:

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