AVIIP Lubricant Additive Introduction

Australia has an exclusive position in international trading markets thanks for Australian ‘s trusted high quality products. Being one of the top leading economy and one of the highest ranking countries in the best living condition in the world, Australia has been developing many prospective industries and being most reliable supplier to many blooming markets like Asia Pacific, US, EU,….

VIIP GROUP’s original business is manufacturing petrochemical products with huge experiences in lubricant additives ( viscosity index improver polymers – VIIP ). These VIIPs help lubricants improver the viscosity index and shear stability index. We are supplying all kinds of VIIPs from Olefin Copolymer to Styrene Polymer to many markets over the world included Asia ( China, Singapore, Thai Lan, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh,… ), Africa ( Nigeria,..), America ( Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, US,..), Europe ( Russia, Spain, France, …).

VIIP LUBRICANT has currently established wide distributors in Spain, Asia, Nigeria, US where would support to serve clients better and to master in each regional customer’s demands ( from low SSI 5 , SSI 20 – 24, SSI 30 – 40, to wide ranges of mooney viscosity ) and our distributors contributed to company development by promoting our well – known brands:

  • Olefin Copolymer in Pellet form :VIIP P 30, VIIP P 40, VIIP P 60
  • Olefin Copolymer in Bale Form: VIIP B 20, VIIP B 30, VIIP B 40
  • Styrene Polymer in Bale form : VIIP S 10, VIIP S 05

VIIP LUBRICANT has large relationship to many international shipping lines which we could promise to give clients best offers under FOB Brisbane Port or CIF / CNF to many regular ports such as Nhavasheva Port, Singapore Port, Barcelona Port, Marseille Port, Hamburg Port, Puerto Cabello Port, Oakland Port,…

None of any order is small order, we welcome all of small volume orders from LCL to FCL and we are willing to send customers free samples for testing and accrediting and we are happy to consult all clients’ questions related to technical issues even dissolving process or even visit client’s factory site to instruct of dilute procedure and cutting polymer bales.

If you have any questions or queries , please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for quotation or technical support : info@aviipgroup.com.au